Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

Democrats remain worried in the wake of Scott Brown's victory:
"The Republican victory in Massachusetts has sent a wave of fear through the halls of the Senate, with moderate and liberal Democrats second-guessing their party’s agenda — and worrying that they’ll be the next victims of voters’ anger. “If there’s anybody in this building that doesn’t tell you they’re more worried about elections today, you absolutely should slap them,” said Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)."

They should be worried. At the same time, Republicans and conservatives have to be responsible, and thus to (for example) introduce some potential solutions to the country's problems of their own.

The likely Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey, is one who could begin doing so; and in the wake of Scott Brown slaying a dragon in Massachusetts, don't be surprised if Toomey slays our old pal Arlen Specter this fall. Right now Toomey leads Specter by 9 points. In Pennsylvania, which hasn't been favorable territory for the GOP in a while...

But President Obama in his heart of hearts really does believe that, if only the health care bill was passed, why, everybody would love it to death, as he told the NY Times:
"Once this thing is passed and signed, then suddenly The New York Times and other newspapers are going to have a big article saying what does this mean for you, and people will take a look at it and say, ‘You know what, this is a lot better deal than I thought.’

The President really is kind of arrogant, isn't he? Yes, to him, the American people are kind of clueless and out of it, gulled by what he sees as negative propaganda. But gosh, as soon as they see a few big newspapers praising a health care bill enacted into law, why, they'll do a quick about-face. Does he really think people know nothing about what's been going on with these bills the last few months???

In the NBA it was, shockingly, Detroit 92, Boston 86: The Pistons are still only 15-26 on the season and have a long way to go. But, key stat: the Pistons' bench in this game outscored Boston's reserves 43-12.
Dallas 94, Washington 93: the inconsistent Mavs manage to best the less-than-mediocre Wizards by 1 point on the road. On the other hand, there are good signs for Dallas; they've now won 9 straight games decided by 1 point. That dates back to 2007. And they're playing some defense--in this game, the Mavs blocked 9 shots.

In college men's hoops, it was Michigan State 70, Iowa 63: MSU is 16-3 on the season and undefeated in Big 10 play so far, and that's great. But Coach Izzo wasn't happy with this one--his team had a 19 point lead early in the second half, but let Iowa eventually work it down to only 3 with 2 minutes left. Luckily for the Spartans they held on down the stretch. So they need more consistency.
But the University of Michigan blew another game they could have won, losing to Wisconsin, 54-48 on the road. Key stat: Michigan led by 9, 39-30, with 9 minutes left. From that point on, Wisconsin outscored the Wolverines, 24 to 9, and made tough shots and strong defensive stands down the stretch. They were tougher than Michigan when all was said and done. John Beilein has a lot to work on...