Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday's trackings

And there's an establishment media figure who gets what its all about--how about that. In this case it's CNN's Gloria Borger:
"So it's those independents who will determine the election -- and they're just as unhappy as their national brethren. That explains why the GOP candidate state Sen. Scott Brown is getting their support, some estimate by as much as 3-to-1. The swing voters see Obama as a president who himself has swung too far in one direction -- to big government. They see a large health care package in the offing, and they're not sure it will make their lives better. They see a huge Wall Street bailout, but their own jobs haven't come back. They see a president who promised to change business-as-usual in Washington, who still cut backroom deals with senators and big labor to try and get health care passed. And they see a deficit growing so large that it a) endangers their future and b) could raise taxes. Plus, they've got two wars to fight and fund, and an ever-present terror threat. They are not pleased."

Exactly. Some say that the voters are disgusted that no "change" has occurred in Washington. But that's not it. Rather, they're disgusted with the "change" they fear they'll get!

Yecch--Syracuse 84, Notre Dame 71: Too many bad decisions in a close game at home against a top 5 opponent; and they gave up 16 2nd-chance points and 30 points in the paint. I heard somebody on ESPN say that if ND could simply go 9-9 in the league, they'd make the NCAA tourney. I think they're full of it, and anyway, there sure ain't no guarantee this team will make .500 in league play. It's the same story that it's been for several seasons--not enough defense and rebounding.

Dallas 99, Boston 90: Well. The Mavericks had been playing pretty poorly lately, losing 3 of 4, including a horrible game the day before in Toronto, when they lost by 22. But last night they win in Boston. Who can figure? Keys: the Celtics didn't have Kevin Garnett, out due to injury. But the Mavs had Dirk Nowitzki, who scored 37 points and fueled a strong 2nd half run. But Dallas has to play more consistent basketball; they haven't found that consistency yet.