Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday's trackings...

ECONOMICS WATCH: beware, the price of gasoline continues to rise...
In some parts of Indiana, it's now at $2.75 a gallon.
Beware, Obama administration--gas price hikes make Americans cranky.
And by the way, the Obama administration really needs to get it's facts straight concerning economic news:
"A Hill source calls my attention to the seemingly contradictory facts that the White House is claiming the stimulus has saved or created 150,000 jobs, while Labor Department statistics show the construction industry lost 245,000 jobs in March and April."
I thought the guys in this administration were supposed to be so "smart" and competent"...

BIG GOVERNMENT ALERT: President Obama claims he has no intention of "running GM"--that is, of deciding for example what kind of cars it should make and sell.
But at the same time he assures the mayor of Detroit that GM's headquarters won't be leaving Detroit.
Er, Mr. President, that's the kind of decision that the guy RUNNING GM makes...

SPORTS UPDATE: my favorite baseball teams all had last night off, but there's this--what of LeBron James quickly leaving the court after the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs in an upset by the Orlando Magic? NBA Commish David Stern isn't happy:
"NBA commissioner David Stern says he has reached out to LeBron James about James' refusal to speak with the media after the Cleveland Cavaliers were eliminated from the Eastern Conference finals. But Stern is withholding judgment and not ready to makes his views on the incident public until he talks to James about what happened, he said Tuesday on ESPN Radio.
In an appearance on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," Stern acknowledged he was not pleased that James, the league's reigning MVP, didn't meet with the media, or shake hands with the Orlando Magic, following the Game 6 loss Saturday night."

My take? Leave the guy alone. He makes a ton of money, and could just choose to not care that much if his team loses. Hey, he gets paid either way. But he competed awfully hard, and clearly was upset that his team didn't make it to the Finals, which they were favored to do. At the time, he was ticked. No great shock there. I note that the next day, he spoke to the media; he indicated no hard feelings about the Magic and their win; and he has a record of being a pretty decent and classy guy. It hurt too much to do any hand-shaking or talking right then; just accept that and let it go.

SOTOMAYOR UPDATE: Bob Herbert, the reliably-liberal NY Times columnist who regularly shouts out his leftism with all kinds of exclamation points and rhetorical questions, of course claims that conservative and GOP opposition to Ms. Sotomayor is based on racism and "bigotry."

Obviously he hasn't read conservatives such as Rich Lowry, who points out today that the conservative case against Sotomayor is--gasp--based on things she's actually said.
She has suggested that one's race and ethnicity can lead one to better judicial decisions.
If a white man ever said something like that, he'd be damned as a racist.
That's all there is to it.