Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday's fish fry

There's a lot to do today, so some of the entries below will be brief...

Victor Davis Hanson points out another danger in the president's speech to the Muslim world yesterday--the danger of moral equivalence:
Whatever a well-meaning President Obama thinks, occasional American outbursts against Muslims are not analogous with the terrorism directed at Westerners or the hostility toward Christianity shown in most of the Muslim world. Try flying into Saudi Arabia with a Bible, as compared to traveling to San Francisco with a Koran. One can easily forsake Christianity; one can never safely leave Islam. European worries about headscarves are not the equivalent of the Gulf states’ harassment of practicing Christians. Sorry, they’re just not."
He's right. Read the whole thing. Moral equivalence is a frequent failure of the left--remember for example the endless equating, during the Cold War, of minor American sins with such things as Soviet gulags, its domination of Eastern Europe, etc.
And by the way, despite Obama's speech yesterday, today Iranian leaders continue to thumb their noses at the president's overtures.

Tim Rutten writes in the LA Times:
"Over the years, no abortion-rights advocate has physically harmed an
antiabortion partisan."

Hmmm. That's true--instead, abortion-rights advocates stick to facilitating the harming of unborn children. Several million of them, in fact.

FAVORITE TEAM UPDATE: the Detroit Red Wings have a big battle on their hands now in the Stanley Cup Finals, as they allowed a shorthanded goal last night to completely turn the momentum of the game Pittsburgh's way, and the Pens went on to win, 4-2. The question now is--can the Wings respond at home Saturday night and get the momentum back?

BASEBALL DIARY: the Cubs were rained out. The Tigers blew a game to the Red Sox yesterday they easily could have won, as Dontrelle Willis let a 3-0 lead get away by walking 5 men and generally blowing up in the 3rd inning; the Red Sox got 6 runs out of it. The Tigers' bullpen's inability to put out the fire and Tiger hitters' inability to score runs didn't help, either.
For the Texas Rangers, they had a great shot to win 2 of 3 in New York. But it didn't happen--their starter Brandon McCarthy blew a 5-1 lead and a Melky Cabrera home run just into the first row of the new Yankee Stadium's short-porch left field led to an 8-6 Ranger loss.