Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday's musings

BOOK SUGGESTION: conservatives, read Christopher Buckley's memoir of his mother and father's deaths but, also, of their lives (his father of course was William F. Buckley Jr.) It's called "Losing Mum and Pup", and what it will do is illuminate an area of WFB Jr.'s life that maybe we haven't known much about yet--WFB as a father. You'll see him in all his glory; and you'll view his flaws, too. You'll learn something about life, and about death and what we go through when it comes.

It appears that North Korea is joining Iran in refusing to respond to Obama administration overtures. And here so many folks thought Bush administration bluster was the culprit:
"North Korea convicted two American journalists and sentenced them Monday to 12 years of hard labor for crossing into its territory, intensifying the reclusive nation's confrontation with the United States."

CULTURE WATCH: It ain't easy being a social conservative these days...:
"I’m still holding out for Mr. Right, but with all the pressure my roommates place on me and the way they embarrass me, sometimes I think Mr. Okay will have to do.” That’s not dialogue from a Sex and the City episode. It’s Andrea Moscoe, 20, who is a “committed chick,” according to Cosmopolitan magazine, preserving her virginity despite being in college and “living in a house with five sex-crazed girls"...Brooke Shields would tell them to just get on with it, already. In an issue of Health magazine, the Blue Lagoon actress and mother of two daughters named her biggest health-related regret: “I think I would have had sex a lot earlier! . . . I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22.” At 20, Miss Moscoe gets what Shields, at 44, doesn’t. Moscoe tells Cosmo: “My roommates always tell guys I’m dating about my virgin status, and tease me. I think it’s because they are insecure and want the guys to get scared off or because they’re jealous that I’m stronger than they’ve been.”

OBAMA ECONOMY UPDATE: here's some information that hasn't gotten much play yet:
"National unemployment rate the month that the stimulus was signed into law: 8.1 percent. National unemployment rate today: 9.4 percent."
Remember this when you read the administration's boasting about how many jobs its "stimulus" package will create this summer. Remember too that at some point Mr. Obama will own this economy...

FAVORITE TEAM UPDATE: well, let's just say the Detroit Red Wings weren't quite as old, tired, and swept away by the Penguins' "momentum" in game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals as some thought...
The Wings won 5-0 over Pittsburgh Saturday night, completely dominating the game, and now go for a second straight Cup tomorrow night.

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers wound up winning two of three against the Angels, pulling one out yesterday 9-6 on Clete Thomas' grand slam in the 8th inning. This came on top of Edwin Jackson's gem of a pitching outing Saturday, as he and the Tigers edged the Angels, 2-1. We'll take 'em however we get 'em...
Meanwhile the Cubs beat the Reds 6-3 in 14 innings, to take two of three this past weekend. The Cubs got another good start from young Randy Wells; and maybe Alfonso Soriano is coming around--his homer in the 14th inning proved to be the game-winning RBI.
And look at the Texas Rangers--they won two of three over the weekend in Boston, including a win yesterday, 6-3. Solid play, good hitting from Michael Young and Nelson Cruz, a good start from the embattled Vincente Padilla, and solid relieving from Darren O'Day and C.J. Wilson. The Rangers went 0-7 in Boston last year. But this year is different, and this team remains firmly ensconced in first place. Are they for real???