Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday's throwdowns...

NFL news: long-time coach of the Oakland Raiders and TV analyst John Madden has announced his retirement. I'm sad, though one certainly understands--he's 73 years old, he has children and grandchildren. But we'll miss him. He was fun, he was funny, he had great insights into the games and made the games fun. Thanks for all the great years and great games, Coach Madden.

BASEBALL DIARY: mostly good news yesterday. The Detroit Tigers played well, beating the Chicago White Sox, 9-0. Key: another outstanding start from Armando Galarraga. He's pitching like an ace. There were key hits from Placido Polanco and Miguel Cabrera. And Tigers rookie pitcher Ryan Perry showed outstanding heat in the 8th inning, though he's still a bit wild. But you can see his potential.
Not such a good day for the Cubs--they lost to Colorado, 5-2. Rich Harden felt good, but didn't pitch well, giving up 4 runs in 3 innings; and on a cold day with the wind blowing in, Cub hitters had a tough day, too. But the Cubs remain 5-3 on the season--not a bad start.
And the Texas Rangers ended their skid, beating Baltimore 19-6. The story of the game was Ian Kinsler, going 6 for 6, hitting for the cycle. Not enough people know about him--he makes the occasional mistake, but he's an outstanding hitter with good speed. The Rangers' offense again shows its stuff.

More Octomom news:
"Nadya Suleman confirms that she’s signed with British production company Eyeworks to do a documentary series (and not a reality show) about raising her 14 children. Cameras will visit Suleman and family six times a year until the kids are 18, Suleman told Life & Style."
Probably because she needs the money.
One really needs to think about the following: sure, she wants kids. But can she support them???

TEA PARTY UPDATE: it appears that at least 300,000 people nationwide--probably more--attended yesterday's rallies. That's a significant number.