Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At the sports desk: favorite teams update

Well, the season came to an end--perhaps mercifully--for the Notre Dame men's basketball team, as they lost to Penn State in the NIT semifinals, 67-59. It was a familiar story for the Irish--against strong, athletic teams like Penn State, they got off to a poor start, couldn't make shots, and couldn't contain the inside game of their opponents. Oddly enough, the ND team always claimed to love playing in Madison Square Garden, but they haven't played well there in years--they've lost 8 of their past 11 games in New York City.
So the off-season begins for Mike Brey and his boys; 4 seniors graduate, but Luke Harangody should return, along with point guard Tory Jackson, and two transfers--Ben Hansbrough from Mississippi State and Scott Martin from Purdue--should help. But the Irish had talent and high expectations going into this year, but they couldn't achieve them. It's a disappointment.

In other news: the Detroit Pistons lost again, on the road at Cleveland 79-73.
It's no shame to lose to the front-running Cavs. But the Pistons led in the 4th quarter, and held down LeBron James well. Yet they lost, and Allen Iverson is complaining about his role coming off the bench. It's hard to see this team doing anything in the playoffs.

At least the Dallas Mavericks, with Josh Howard back in the lineup, beat the hapless Minnesota Timberwolves on the road, 108-88. It was a game the Mavs should win, and they did. But maybe Howard can stay healthy...and with him playing, the Mavs are better...can they somehow escape 8th place, and avoid playing the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs...?