Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Thursday throwdowns...

The scariest thing to me coming out of the European G20 summit is French President Nicolas Sarkozy's demand for some sort of international regulator with wide powers over financial institutions, along with his imperious statement that this is "non-negotiable." (to be fair, Germany's Angela Merkel backs the idea too). One can only imagine the mischief and power-grabs such a regulator could initiate. Still, where is liberals' outrage at Sarkozy's "cowboy" demands? Perhaps it's only George W. Bush whom they dislike for taking bold positions on the international stage.

By the way, there now appears to be no doubt about it--the long-time, liberal Democratic senator from Connecticut, Chris Dodd (remember, the guy who ran for president and, for those with longer memories, the guy who throughout the Reagan presidency managed to be wrong on most every Cold War foreign policy issue) is in trouble--he's down by 16 points already to his likely Republican challenger in a respected, non-partisan poll.
It's a good chance for a Republican senate pickup next year. Keep your eye on that one.

By the way, the Obama administration has levied a huge new tax on tobacco products.
They claim this will raise needed money; others say how wonderful it is that it may make smokers kick the habit, etc etc etc.
But do some realize the effect it could have on small business--on shops that specialize in tobacco products, for example? One store owner in Fort Worth, Texas said recently that she might have to close up shop because of this tax. New taxes...lost jobs. Same old story. But some people never learn...

In NFL off-season news, so--the embattled Jay Cutler is now a former Denver Bronco, as the young quarterback has been traded in a surprise move to the Chicago Bears. While I was driving around this afternoon, I heard some say this was a great move for the Bears--finally they have a QB, he may now be the best QB in the NFC North, etc etc. Maybe. But I'm not so sure. Last year, seemed to me he made a lot of mistakes and turnovers. And in this whole dust-up with the Broncos, he came off to me sounding petulant and spoiled. Is he really mentally tough enough to win big in the NFL? He's achieved no significant playoff success yet, remember. Just what the Bears need--another head case at QB (Rex Grossman, call your office).

Boy, you have to admit--when it comes to rehabbing his image, rapper Chris Brown, who as most know has been, well, pretty credibly accused of physically abusing girlfriend Rihanna, still has plenty of chutzpah:
"On March 31, Brown posed for pictures with the University of Mary Washington women’s basketball team in Fredericksburg, Va. The school happens to be in the midst of its weeklong White Ribbon Campaign. “Men working to end men’s violence against women,” is the organization’s tagline, according to"
With whom will he make his next public appearance--Tina Turner?