Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday's trackings

And shows great deference to China's leaders, unwilling to challenge their lack of democracy and openness:
"Whether by White House design or Chinese insistence, President Obama has steered clear of public meetings with Chinese liberals, free press advocates and even ordinary Chinese during his first visit to China, showing deference to the Chinese leadership’s aversions to such interactions that is unusual for a visiting American president."

And what did it gain him? News reports today indicate there were no significant agreements achieved between Obama and Chinese leaders. Lesson: appeasing dictators, even in minor ways such as this, gets you...zilch.

Fred Barnes today nails it--why do Democrats want to pass an unpopular bill? Here's why:
"Democratic health care reform--Obamacare, that is--in either its House or Senate form is unpopular both in general and in most of its particulars. Not only that, it's become ever more unpopular as Obama has drawn more public attention to it. Yet the operating assumption of the president and congressional Democrats is that enacting Obamacare will increase their popularity and improve their prospects for reelection. Does this make sense? Will passing a widely disliked piece of legislation endear voters to those who passed it? Not on your life....The explanation for the seemingly illogical thinking of Obama and Democrats lies in the basic conceit of liberals: We know better. Sure, folks may like their current health care, but we'll give them a better, fairer, more reliable system that's good for them and the country. They'll grow to like it. And Obama and Democrats will get the credit and the boost in popularity that comes with it."

But if this legislation remains unpopular, the American people aren't stupid. They're not going to appreciate having legislation which the majority opposes rammed through Congress. Republicans and conservatives will have to keep reminding people just what it says about Democrats and Obama--that they rush to pass something the people don't want. So much for their faith in people.

Good news and bad news about the rapper who beat up his girlfriend:
"Given that his last romance ended with a sentence of six months of community labor and five years probation, it’s no surprise that singer Chris Brown hasn’t been lucky in love lately. Just don’t get the wrong idea. Any dating dry spell since Brown’s February attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna is strictly due his choice to “chill,” rather than a lack of willing women. “My whole dating thing, I've been kind of chillin’,” Brown told MTV News. “I mean, I'm Chris Brown. I'm not saying it like that, but it's just, like, girls are going to be around. I love women. But I would say I've just been chillin'. I haven't really been trying to get into a relationship or trying to date anybody.”

The bad news is, he's probably right--he's a celeb, so no matter what he does, women will be "around." The good news is, he's not inflicting himself on anyone right now.

And who knows, maybe some day there will be enough awareness out there that more and more individuals will refuse to be abused.