Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday's throwdowns

The usual eyebrows are raised over Palin's upcoming book tour:
"According to Harper Collins, the publisher of Palin's forthcoming memoir "Going Rogue," Palin will bypass several of the major cities that are often the pillars of any big book tour, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. Palin's schedule instead takes the former Republican vice presidential candidate to smaller - and in many cases more conservative - cities like Fort Wayne, Indiana, Washington, Pennsylvania, Roanoke, Virginia, and Jacksonville, Florida."

Yes, how dare Ms. Palin bypass the Valhallas of the liberal establishment media. How dare she visit places and people with whom she has things in common, and who obviously share a connection with her??? The truth is, this is exactly what Palin should do--because this is exactly what she is about. Going to New York or LA is what Maureen Dowd or Nancy Pelosi would do. But Sarah ain't no Mo or Nancy--thank goodness.

The Detroit Pistons' defensive deficiencies show themselves last night, as they give up 44 points in the second quarter, rally, but run out of gas at the end, falling to Toronto 110-99.
Meanwhile the Dallas Mavericks, despite Dirk not having a good game and fouling out late, still played a nice game and were in great position to win late...but missed 4 of 5 free throws in the last 13 seconds and let the game get away. A real shame.

I see Washington Redskins' defensive coordinator Greg Blache today roared out a defense of owner Dan Snyder, claiming basically that Snyder is too a caring guy and that he really wants to win.
Well, actually, I'm sure he does want to win. But one of the main criticisms of Snyder is that, although he really doesn't know football that well or how to run an organization, he tries to direct the Redskins anyway. Guess what--nothing in what Blache said addressed that argument. I'm not surprised.

Interesting news today on the American peoples' assessment of Obama's policies:
"A majority of Americans now see President Barack Obama as governing from the left. Specifically, 54% say his policies as president have been mostly liberal while 34% call them mostly moderate. This contrasts with public expectations right after Obama's election a year ago, when as many expected him to be moderate as to be liberal."

And that's important because I remain convinced that a decent chunk of Obama voters last year wanted and expected him to govern as a moderate centrist; and that they don't want and stoutly oppose governance from the left.
Moderate Democrats are worried:
"Democrats on Capitol Hill began a nervous debate Wednesday about the course President Obama has set for their party, with some questioning whether they should emphasize job creation over some of the more ambitious items on the president's agenda....moderate and conservative Democrats took a clear signal from Tuesday's voting, warning that the results prove that independent voters are wary of Obama's far-reaching proposals and mounting spending, as well as the growing federal debt."