Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday's musings...


The Democrats' health care reform plans aren't doing too well with the American public:

"In the last two weeks, eight national polls have been released showing what the American people think of Obamacare. The results of those eight polls — Pew, ABC/WaPo, PPP, CNN, CBS, Quinnipiac, Fox, and Rasmussen — show that by an average margin of 8.5 percent (49.0 percent to 40.5 percent), more people oppose Obamacare than support it. That's greater than the margin by which John McCain lost last November. If you drop the high and low polls, the margin is greater still, as half of the eight polls show Obamacare facing a double-digit deficit. Back in June, four national polls — Rasmussen, NBC/WSJ, Democracy Corps, and CNN — showed what Americans thought of Obamacare then. By a margin of 4.3 percent (44.3 percent to 40 percent), they supported it. So the drop in support for Obamacare has been 12.8 percent in five months."

And there are many other good reasons for conservatives to feel encouraged, as well:
"Senate Democrats face deep divisions within their ranks as they begindebate Monday on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, withthe recent all-hands-on-deck coalition frayed over abortion and theoption of government-run insurance. While majority Democrats will need 60 votes to finish, some in theparty say they'll jump ship from the bill without tighter restrictionson abortion coverage. Others say they'll go unless a government planto compete with private insurance companies gets tossed. Suchconcessions would enrage liberals, the party's heart and soul."

Hard to see how the Dems bridge that divide. On the other hand, theyall clearly feel enormous pressure to pass SOMETHING. Don't be surprised if party liberals are convinced to drop their demands in order to pass a smaller-potatoes bill.

Here's the most important question in my mind still unanswered in this whole matter:
"If [Woods' car accident] was a careless mistake, why not speak to state troopers trying
to wrap the investigation?"

Obviously he's trying to hide SOMETHING that he deems embarrassing and personal. Unfortunately, the 24-7 news cycle beast won't be satisfied until it finds out what that is.

Indy Colts 35, Houston 27--the Colts rally from 17 points down to win.
This team just continues to find a way. This game was about the defense making adjustments and fixing early mistakes; and Peyton Manning and the offense coming to life, as they inevitably always do. They stuck with it. They didn't panic. It sounds easier than it is.
But also...Packers 34, Lions 12 on Turkey Day. The Lions and their fans are reminded (again) of just how far the Lions have to go.

The University of Notre Dame fires head football coach Charlie Weis.

Well, they gave him 5 years--which is what they gave Gerry Faust, for example, before canning him. There was no point in letting him twist in the wind. The team hadn't shown improvement, especially the defense. Key questions: will Jimmy Clausen leave now, too? Will Golden Tate? If they do, ND will likely be in for a tough transition year next year, no matter who they hire to replace Weis. I seriously doubt that new hire will be Bob Stoops. Why should he leave the big-time, established program he already has a Oklahoma in order to enter a very difficult transition period, not to mention a pressure cooker, at ND? Somehow though I expect someone like Brian Kelly at Cincinnati would love a shot at the true big time: I see him as a more likely target for the Irish.