Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday's trackings

Very busy today, so not much time for blogging. But...

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers come close, and play a decent game on the road. But they lose 6-5 in Boston. Bad news: Edwin Jackson didn't pitch well. Ah well, he'll do better next time. Good news: Magglio Ordonez had 3 extra base hits. He's got a new hitting stance, I've read--maybe it's helping him turn the corner.
Meanwhile the Cubs had a very bad time in Colorado, losing 3 of 4 and getting pounded by the Rockies' big hitters, including last night, 11-5. Troy Tulowitzki hit for the cycle. And the Cubs are happy to be cycling out of town.

Nope--our arguments are getting through on health care, for example, according to a recent Gallup poll:
"When asked, "Would you advise your member of Congress to vote for or against a healthcare reform bill when they return to Washington in September, or do you not have an opinion?" 35 percent said vote for, 36 percent said vote against, and 29 percent said "no opinion."

The numbers of those favoring a health care reform bill have dropped perhaps 20 points in only a short time.

She loses her cool when a Congolese student, actually trying to ask her what President Obama thought, is mis-translated, leading Clinton to think she was being asked what her husband thought.
It's not something that's going to be long remembered or be a big deal down the road.
But it is surprising that Mrs. Clinton, who's after all been involved in government, policy, and public events for quite some time--not to mention a tough two-year presidential campaign--can't maintain her poise better than that. One wonders: is she unhappy in the Obama administration? Is there something going on there? Stay tuned.