Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday musings

So Scotland's government defends its decision to release this terrorist, though they also say the Libyan government broke a "promise" to keep his reception low-key.
But the real questions are: suppose Libya HAD kept their reception of this guy a quiet affair. Would that have justified his release? Nope.
And why were the Scots so stupid as to trust the Khadafy government anyway???

Gear up, Vikings fans, Brett Favre will play the entire first half of this week's pre-season game against Houston.
Maybe he can improve on his one pass completion from last week.
Is there anyone out there who wasn't shocked that Favre un-retired yet again???
Yes, he'd done it before. But it sure looked like he'd shut the door this time.
It's the old story---it's so hard for athletes like Favre to give it up. They're always so certain that they still have something left, that they can still play. But does Favre realize how ridiculous he looks??? Does he realize what a laughingstock he's become???
I don't think he does. And it's too bad. He's made a big mistake, I'm convinced. He'll tarnish his legacy. And it didn't have to be that way.