Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday's fish fry

So Michael Vick is back in the NFL, with the Philadelphia Eagles.
I have no problem with him being given another chance to play. He's served his jail time. He certainly seems very remorseful. The league and Commissioner Goodell have apparently been very tough on him, have interviewed him intensively, and have made their expectations known. People have done worse things than he did--though what he did was a very, very bad thing--and have been given more chances.
But to me, the key is this: if he slips up again? He's gone. That's the way it's got to be. I expect that's the way it will be, both from the Eagles' standpoint and that of the league.

What's the root problem with Obama's plans? Jonah Goldberg today gets at the nub of it:
"Under the plan discussed at President Obama’s infomercial-esqe town halls, America would cut costs and expand coverage while avoiding rationing. Apparently, it’s paranoid to think that’s too good to be true."

A poll I referenced earlier this week had, in Pennsylvania, Republican Pat Toomey leading Arlen Specter. But a new poll is out that has Specter up by 5.
Volatile stuff. But here's the good news for the GOP, no matter what--that race is competitive.
But say, what about the "generic ballot" polling? You know, the one that asks which party voters expect to vote for next year in the congressional elections? Democrats have dominated that poll for some time. But not now--now the RCP average has Democrats ahead only 43-42, and the latest Rasmussen poll has Republicans AHEAD.

BASEBALL DIARY: well, the Tigers have an ace in Justin Verlander, that's for sure--13 wins now on the season for him, and yesterday he beat the Red Sox, 2-0. The Tigers still lead their division by 2 and 1/2 games--in large part because they have a pitcher like Verlander (and others don't).
Meanwhile the Texas Rangers continue to play solid ball--they won 2 of 3 series on their 10 game road trip, including yesterday's 4-1 win over Cleveland. Scott Feldman again pitched well as a starter. And Josh Hamilton is heating up--4 hits yesterday, and he hit .486 on the trip. The Rangers are just 1/2 game behind Boston for the wild card. And Boston is in Arlington for a 3 game series starting tonight--a big test for the Rangers.
But the Cubs are in trouble--not hitting well or pitching well, and they got swept this week by the Phillies, losing yesterday 6-1. They've lost 7 of 8, continuing their pattern of inconsistency they've had all year.