Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday's throwdowns

Well, she'll almost surely be confirmed, but...for those Republicans and conservatives tempted to support her, note that you'll then be supporting a whole bunch of questionable explanations for her beliefs, statements, and behavior.
How on earth, for example, can she claim that her "wise Latina" argument was just a misstatement that's been misperceived...when she used it 6 different times!

Jon minus Kate, and now he doesn't want to wait:
"Relationship fast-tracker Jon Gosselin flaunted his rebound romance with Hailey Glassman in the French Riviera this week, but there might be more to the whirlwind hook-up than any “Jon & Kate Plus 8” fan could have guessed. While the reality TV dad’s soon-be-ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, still wears her wedding ring, In Touch reports he gave Glassman a ring of her own.
“Jon has been telling everyone that he loves her and she loves him, so why waste time?” said an insider."

Apparently President Obama will go and campaign for embattled incumbent New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine:
"In the middle of making a hard push for health care reform before the August recess, President Obama is taking a time out to drum up support for New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine in his race for re-election, where the Democratic incumbent has been consistently trailing his Republican opponent. The latest Quinnipiac University poll this week showed challenger Chris Christie pulling away, with a 53-41 percent lead over Corzine -- up from a 10-point lead in last month's survey."
I'm surprised--Corzine is in big, big trouble. It's hard to see an incumbent winning a race in which his negatives start out so high. And if the president campaigns for him, but Corzine winds up losing anyway, it's Mr. Obama's political capital that will take a hit--namely, the idea might grow that the president's coattails aren't quite as long as folks thought. But hey, we Republicans and conservatives will be more than delighted to see Obama take this kind of risk...