Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday's musings...

Nope--see the growing reaction against President Obama's health care plans:
"Public support for President Barack Obama's handling of healthcare reform, the pillar of his legislative agenda, has fallen below 50 percent for the first time, a Washington Post-ABC News poll released on Monday said. Obama and his Democratic allies in Congress have run into stiff opposition this month as they try to pass legislation to restructure the $2.5 trillion U.S. healthcare industry through the creation of a government-run health insurance program.
Republicans and some fiscally conservative Democrats argue the plan, with an estimated cost of more than $1 trillion, could hurt small businesses, add to budget deficits and reduce the quality of medical care for many Americans. Those concerns may be having an impact on the public, according to the poll, which showed 49 percent of respondents approving of Obama's stand on the issue compared to 57 percent in April. Those saying they disapproved rose to 44 percent from 29 percent during the same period."

This then is the time for Republicans and conservatives to be bold, brave, loud and principled in their opposition to Obama's plans. Say you're opposed--and say why, referring to first principles and ideas.
And by the way, it's now becoming conventional wisdom among Washington beltway insiders that the Republican candidates will win the gubernatorial contests to be held this year in Virginia and New Jersey.
Liberal acquaintances of mine laugh this off and engage in the reductio ad absurdum fallacy of "well, we never said Republicans would never ever win another election!" Guess what--no one claimed you said that. You did however claim that the Republican "brand" had been seriously damaged, and these results, should they happen as they're now being forecast, are not evidence supporting your view...
Nor should the Obama folks claim that economic recovery is here, not yet. An example:
"The housing and condominium market in southeastern Michigan remained chaotic in June as the number of foreclosure sales doubled from a year ago, according to data provided by Farmington Hills-based RealComp II Ltd., the state's largest real estate Multiple Listing Service provider. The number of foreclosure sales rose to 3,593 in the six-county area included in the Realcomp data. Foreclosure sales in Oakland County went from 780 last month compared to 405 last June."

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers still are not scoring any runs on the road; and so they were swept in New York over the weekend, losing the last two games by identical 2-1 scores. The Tigers went 1 for 26 with runners in scoring position. Look for the team to make a trade, and for Magglio Ordonez not to be playing that much in the days to come--he might not even be with the team much longer.
Only good news--the Tigers remain in first place, and they've got plenty of home games coming up, where they've played well.
Meanwhile the news was better elsewhere. The Cubs did what they had to do if they were going to make a run in the 2nd half of this season, and that was start strong at sad-sack Washington. The Cubs hit well and pitched well all series, including yesterday's 11-3 win, and Alfonso Soriano may be out of his slump. But the Cubs play at Philadelphia tonight; that will be a much sterner test.
The Texas Rangers got good work from their bullpen last night and pulled out a win over the Minnesota Twins, 5-3 in 12 innings. The winning hit was a home run from Ian Kinsler. The Rangers lost 2 of 3, but continued to get good pitching all weekend. You've gotta believe that, if the pitching can hold up, the Rangers' offense will get it going...