Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday's fish fry

So at the last minute today, the House has voted for more $$$ to go for this "Cash for Clunkers" program. So typical--here we have a government program that was actually popular with the public. But, naturally, it 1] wasn't given enough money--it was about to run out; 2] nobody realized that until the last minute; 3] and yet, red tape is preventing the processing of a number of sales made under the program; 4] besides that, people were confused as to whether the program would continue; 5] indeed, commercials continued to run advertising the program even though it was known it was out of money; and 5] on the news last night, I heard that the program's website wasn't working right.
Your government, typically, at work.
By the way, at least House member Gerry Connally, a Democrat from Virginia, is honest about what Democrats want from government:
"I want to be there with all four paws and snout in the trough."

Adults do it, too:
"Teenagers exchange text messages while driving because, well, they're teenagers and teenagers sometimes do dumb things. But suit-wearing adults who should know better are texting behind the wheel too, driven by grown-up motivations."
Does CNN find this to be some big revelation? Of course everyone does it; that should be well-known by now. The problem is, texting while driving makes you the equivalent of a drunk driver. And that's why, much as we hate to see more government regulation, there probably need to be laws passed restricting it. Because what you do endangers others in this case.

BASEBALL DIARY: the Tigers were off last night. But today they made a big trade, acquiring Mariners' pitcher Jarrod Washburn for two young prospects, including Luke French. It's always hard to trade good prospects, but this was a good deal for the Tigers. Washburn has had a good year, and has been practically unhittable for the past month. He gives the Tigers now 4 quality, dependable starting pitchers, and in a short playoff series, throwing Verlander, Jackson, and Washburn against anyone makes Tigers starting pitching formidable. The Tigers have a chance to win a division and maybe more this year. Gotta go for it.
As for last night's games, the Texas Rangers came back strong, belting out 5 home runs and 12 hits, getting excellent pitching from youngster Derek Holland, and beating Seattle 7-1.
Watch out for the Rangers in the budding wild-card race between them and the Red Sox.
Meanwhile the Cubs have now won 11 of 14, as they blast Houston 12-3. Note that Kosuke Fukudome is starting to hit big time for the Cubs; they needed his bat.

Some NFL notes---so in Minnesota, the QB battle will be between Sage Rosenfels and Tavaris Jackson. Translation: Minnesota has lots of talent, but remains weak at QB. Be careful about those Super Bowl picks for the Vikes.
Bill Belichick at New England meanwhile is, I predict, thinking about signing Michael Vick.