Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's throwdowns

President Obama wants a quick up-or-down vote on the health care bill, but...:
"President Obama, beginning his final push for a health care overhaul, called Wednesday for Congress to allow an “up or down vote” on the measure, and sketched out an ambitious — and, some Democrats said, unrealistic — timetable for his party to pass a bill on its own within weeks."

And even some Dems are saying it's unrealistic because everything I'm reading suggests--right now they ain't got the votes to pass this thing. And very well won't have them by March 18th.

wow--Notre Dame 58, Connecticut 50: When Luke Harangody went down, it looked like curtains for this Notre Dame team. Too soft...too often weak defensively...consistently beaten on the boards and taken to the would this team now survive without Luke? But they have---by spreading the floor, driving the ball to the bucket, and playing defense. This team has found toughness that perhaps no one...and maybe even they themselves...thought they had. Key stats: Tory Jackson caps his final home game with 20 second half points. And Notre Dame battled UConn even in rebounding.