Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday's musings

So the Obama people are expecting a health care bill to be signed, sealed, and delivered this week. I'll believe it when I see it. Meanwhile, on other issues as well as health care, President Obama isn't polling so well. Take national security:
"Observing anti-Americanism around the globe in 1967, Ronald Reagan lamented in a speech: “We tried to buy love in the world when we should have been earning respect.” It is an admonition President Obama is predisposed not to heed — and the American people have noticed. As a result of his weak and distracted foreign policy, 51 percent of Americans think the standing of the United States has dropped during Mr. Obama’s tenure. Only 41 percent think otherwise. That was reported this week by the liberal group Democracy Corps–Third Way, which also found that only 33 percent of Americans believe the Democrats are better on national security."

In sports news, what on earth are the NFL's Cleveland Browns up to, trading Brady Quinn?:

"Quarterback Brady Quinn will get a chance to start over in Denver. Whether he'll get to start is up to the Broncos. The Broncos acquired the former first-round draft pick from the Cleveland Browns for fullback Peyton Hillis, a 2011 sixth-round draft pick and a conditional pick in 2012. The teams announced the trade Sunday and said the deal is pending physicals.
"Obviously there are things that are out of my control. It's a great opportunity for me to play under a great coach [Josh McDaniels]," Quinn told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "It will be a fresh start for me and great opportunity with a very talented team and it should be a lot of fun." Ostensibly, Quinn will compete with Kyle Orton for the Broncos' starting job, although McDaniels was unavailable Sunday to comment on the trade, according to a team spokesman.
"At this point, I'm just looking to create a role for myself on the team," Quinn told the Plain Dealer. "Anytime you're in a situation like this, that's all you can really do is just go in there and learn the system, get to know your teammates and coaches, everyone else, and that's really my focus right now. All of those things will take care of themself in the end."
Quinn's departure comes one day after the Browns agreed to terms with free agent Jake Delhomme on a two-year contract. Quinn went 3-9 in 12 starts for Cleveland, which drafted him with the 22nd pick in the first round in 2007 out of Notre Dame."

It's not that Quinn should have been untouchable. His 3-9 record as a starter and mere 53% completion percentage guaranteed him nothing. But the Browns want to go in 2010 at QB with...Seneca Wallace and/or Jake Delhomme? Doesn't appear to be that solid of a foundation to me. Maybe Mike Holmgren has more up his sleeve than we know. Browns fans sure hope so, one imagines.